[VIDEO] Success Academy Third Annual Spring Benefit Speech

Cochair Campbell Brown speech at SA Third Annual Spring Benefit April 20, 2015 ... Continue Reading

Campbell Brown: Political Attacks on Common Core Are Driven by Pandering

The Washington Post At the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, the supposed evils of the Common Core educational standards were front and center. So, too, was an unmistakable case of pandering. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) ... Continue Reading

[VIDEO] With All Due Respect (3/09/15)

Bloomberg TV Campbell Brown and John Heilemann are joined by former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis on "With All Due Respect" on Bloomberg Television. Full Video Here ... Continue Reading

Brown: Cuomo’s Gutsy Call for New York Education Changes Deserve Support

NY Daily News "Gov. Cuomo's gutsy call for dramatic changes in New York education deserves support and praise from every political corner, because he’s right: The reforms he wants would help so many students who have waited for so long. Of all ... Continue Reading

Editorial: Justice Wanted for Public School Students in New York

New York Daily News "Public-school parents whose children have been failed by their teachers will valiantly petition the state’s judicial system on Wednesday for a redress of grievances. With evidence aplenty, they argue that New York laws and ... Continue Reading

Education Reform Advocates, Teachers Union to Square off Over Tenure in Staten Island Courtroom

By Ben Chapman New York Daily News "The two sides in the war over teacher tenure in New York will square off for a legal battle Wednesday in a Staten Island courtroom. Lawyers for two plaintiff groups representing more than a half-dozen New ... Continue Reading

New York City Teacher Tenure Dispute in Court

By Leslie Brody The Wall Street Journal "A justice in state Supreme Court on Staten Island heard arguments Wednesday on whether two lawsuits to overturn New York teacher tenure laws should proceed. After a two-hour hearing in which he peppered ... Continue Reading

Blog: One Mom’s Plea: Restore Common Sense to NY Tenure Laws

By Erika Sanzi Education Post "When a bad law doesn’t affect us, we usually don’t even know that it exists, let alone that it causes children and families to suffer. However, once we become aware, it’s important that we stand with those victims ... Continue Reading

Campbell Brown on Her Fight To Get Lousy Teachers Fired

By Jim Epstein and Katherine Mangu-Ward Reason TV "Oral arguments are scheduled to begin on Wednesday in Wright v. New York, a lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court last July that seeks to overturn certain teacher tenure protections on ... Continue Reading

Dr. Howard Fuller’s Injustice Education

By Campbell Brown The Daily Beast "The protests and pain over the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown had me wondering if we can ever experience the world as others do. For no matter how disputed the circumstances of both cases, many people ... Continue Reading