Most New Yorkers Say Exam Results Should be Used to Rate Teachers: Poll

By Carl Campanile New York Post "Two-thirds of New Yorkers say student results on Common Core exams should be used to rate teachers, according to a poll released Monday. Of the 67 percent of voters who support linking test results to teacher ... Continue Reading

Regents Chancellor Wants to Give Another Year to Add Teacher Evaluation System

By Ben Chapman New York Daily News "State Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch wants to give school districts, including the city's, another year to implement the state-mandated teacher evaluation system. The evaluation plan was written ... Continue Reading

A New Low for New York’s Teacher-Evaluation Farce

New York Post Editorial Board "New York’s teacher-evaluation farce hit a new low this week: Merryl Tisch, head of the state Board of Regents, on Wednesday kicked the can another year down the road. The new state budget directs Tisch and the ... Continue Reading

State: New York City’s Top-Rated Teachers Less Likely to Serve Black and Hispanic Students

By Geoff Decker Chalkbeat NY "New York City teachers who received the highest ratings on their performance evaluations are unevenly distributed within the city school system and less likely to serve black and Hispanic students, state education ... Continue Reading

Teacher-Driven Opt-Out Movement Disregards the Need to Improve Education

The Buffalo News Opinion "The numbers of students opting out of state-administered, nationally mandated tests is growing and disturbing. They document a misunderstanding of purpose, disregard of consequence and a failure to help children cope ... Continue Reading

Poll: 74% Think Standardized Tests Should Count No More Than a Quarter of Teacher Effectiveness Score

Sienna College Poll This Siena College Poll was conducted April 6-9, 2015 by telephone calls conducted in English to 737 Upstate New York residents. See More Here ... Continue Reading

Regents Seek Extension for Districts on Teacher Eval Deadlines

By Geoff Decker Chalkbeat NY "State education officials don’t think lawmakers have set a realistic timeline for districts to make changes to teacher evaluation plans that schools are required to use by fall." Read More ... Continue Reading

Editorial: Too Many Bad Apples: Mayor de Blasio’s Renewal Schools Have a High Proportion of Lower-Quality Teachers, Which is Why He and Carmen Farina Should Fight For More Power to Shake up Staff

New York Daily News "File under Least Surprising News So Far This Year: At the 94 especially troubled schools on Mayor de Blasio’s special-help list, teachers are twice as likely to be bottom-of-the-barrel." Read More ... Continue Reading

Low-Rated Teachers Twice as Likely to Work in Renewal Schools

By Geoff Decker and Stephanie Snyder Chalkbeat NY "Students who attend the low-performing schools at the heart of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s school turnaround initiative are twice as likely to have a low-rated teacher as their peers in an average ... Continue Reading

The Gap Between Rich and Poor Schools Grew 44% Over a Decade

By Jill Barshay The Hechinger Report "The growing gap between rich and poor is affecting many aspects of life in the United States, from health to work to home life. Now the one place that’s supposed to give Americans an equal chance at life — ... Continue Reading